“I am not married to tools, I am married to results”

Paris Hunter ProfileFriday, 9:24 AM

You sit down at your desk, boot up the computer, and sip on your freshly-made coffee. After checking a few emails and putting out the normal fires, you open the files for your current project and FINALLY get to work. After about 10-15 minutes, your computer pings and the email client notification pops up in the corner:

| Alexis Paul
| Immediate Project Changes
| The direction of the Project has changed. We need to discuss future options soon.

You move your mouse over the hovering notification box to open the full email. It’s just as you feared: the new requirement details venture into the unknown. Now you have no idea what to expect.

Who am I?

My approach is different because I focus on solving my own problems first. So the experiences I have with technology and creative solutions come from wanting to solve my own problems first in a scalable, affordable, and repeatable solutions.

One thing that annoys me about technology in the modern world is that a lot of people get caught up in the use of a particular tool instead of focusing on the end result. In my opinion, the tool is a small part of the solution and what matters most is the execution and the end result. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a right tool for a job but rather to make sure the job being solved is the correct one.

My unique focus is that I focus holistically on the expected results and work BACKWARDS from there to here. And with my approach in mind, I make sure that each step is focused on scalable, affordable, and repeatable solutions. At some point, I think we lost sight of solving problems and providing value in our industry.

15 Minutes Saved How Much? Probably Thousands!

I realized a few years ago that if I really wanted to solve problems to that mattered, I would have to stake out on my own. It reminds me of a story from way back when I used to work in a call center. I used to have to answer phone calls about health savings accounts. The most common issue was clients accidentally processed a withdrawal or a contribution which ends up tying up their money for 3-5 business days. The other call center representatives complained that the clients were just stupid but I decided to do some research on the issue using the resources I had.

It actually came down to a terrible User Experience/User Interface which caused unnecessary confusion the clients. I made a simple solution suggestion using Photoshop to create a mockup that the developers implemented within the week. The end result? My personal calls on this issue dropped by 50% in the same time frame. Imagine if the other representatives experienced the same drop in calls as well. How much time and money was saved from 15 minutes in Photoshop? Probably thousands.

Over the years, a common question I got is “How do I do X?”. It always simple and to the point. Over the years, I learned to ask “What problem are you trying to solve?”. In quite a few cases, it turned out that the assumed solution (“How do I do X?”) wasn’t best way to solve for Problem Y.

And that’s why I am here.

Where to go next?

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