In Spite of Her

In Spite of Her album cover

In 2016, my sister said I wouldn’t make a mixtape so to prove her wrong…I delivered this on my birthday on September 24, 2016. In Spite of Her is a mix of the songs I made up over the years and here for you all to enjoy and download. Maybe we can prove her wrong and have it go Gold or Platinum 🙂

The songs were all made up on the spot and recorded on various devices (cell phones, desktop microphones, and all of the sort). Most of the songs were inspired by various different females through my life (hence the title). Also if you just want to download the songs, feel free to let me know and I can set it up.

NOTE: There are no instruments used on these tracks because these are the original recordings from way back when. I had an idea and immediately went for it. So be advised it is all A Cappella (minus whatever editing I felt like doing to the song).


Photographer: Ed Moore
Model: Asha Etchinson
Voicemail Actress on “She Won’t Answer”: Terri Nicole
Everything Else: Paris D Hunter